A healthy diet and regular exercise reduces the risk of stroke, thrombosis, heart disease and osteoporosis.

At BodyTone, alongside our classes and personal training sessions we offer our multi-functional MotorTone machines and Easyline circuit.

Just 2.5 minutes on our specialist Motortone machines, works several different parts of the body at the same time. Afterwards, wind down on our wonderful reclining massage chair, which aids circulation of the blood and lymphatic system - reaching parts of you that other relaxation methods fail to reach!

Our MotorTone machines are perfect for our elderly members or those who have recently undergone surgery. You simply sit on and let the machines exercise you, gently manipulating tired, stiff muscles and joints to aid mobility.

Alternatively, we offer the Easyline circuit. Working against the machine’s resistance will tone, firm, and help you lose weight while shaping you up. Using our steps in between will provide the fat-burning cardio for an all-over body workout.